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Welcome to Ultimate Time Travel!

UltimateTimeTravel.com aims to provide a review of every single book, movie or television show that deals with time travel, and serve as a community for sci-fi lovers worldwide.

These can be sorted according to author, ranking (which I’ve assigned), and sub-genre classification (which I’ve created). Please see the overview page for more information on these. Oh, also: there is a voting mechanism for every review: if you’ve read the book, seen the movie, or watched the show, please assign the score you think fits with the item.

I also listed all the books/movies/television shows/games I am aware of that are have not been reviewed yet (either because I didn’t find the time to do so, or simply because I haven’t read/seen it), so you can check these as well.

Finally, I welcome any feedback – positive or negative – with regards to this website. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything, made a mistake, you have a cool suggestion for the website – or even if you want to write a review for a book or a movie that’s not been reviewed so far (I’ll definitely welcome the help!).

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