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The adventures of John Surrey continue in Timeshare – A Time For War, the third installment of the Timeshare trilogy.


In this book, John Surrey – the head of security of the time travel agency – and his wife Althea Rowland, go back to London in the 1940s so they could participate in World War II. John is determined to assist in the war effort, hoping it’ll end even better than it did, and so, he decides to join a special unit headed by Ian Fleming (author of the James Bond series).


As before, John meets and befriends various historical characters. There’s not much new to say about the book, since it’s very very similar to the other two entries in the series, and as with the other books, the plot feels is virtually secondary.


After reading the third novel in the series, I felt the novelty completely wore off. I wasn’t interested in reading about historical celebrities anymore, and the plot was simply not strong enough to keep me from losing interest. To be honest, after I finished it, I felt as if I’d already read it before – and at times I have trouble remembering which plot belong to which novel.


But in all fairness, this is still not a bad book, and in fact would make a fun read for someone who absolutely enjoyed the other two novels, and wants more. I’d even make a wager and say that if one hasn’t read any books in the series, he’d probably really like this one. It’s the repetitiveness of the three books which turns one off.


To summarize: If you can’t get enough of this style of book, go for it. Otherwise, you may want to skip this one. I probably wouldn’t be getting book 4 if it ever comes out.


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