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Classification: Fantasy


Emma Merrigan is a divorced middle-aged university librarian living a rather dull life. Her life is so unexciting, it is almost impossible for her to envision something else. Perhaps that is why when Emma bumps into Jennifer, an abused teenager, she invites her to her house – and to her life.


What Emma doesn’t know is that from some reason, this change causes night terrors – strange nightmares which she hasn’t had since childhood – to return at full force. The reappearance of these brings back old memories, which eventually lead her to open an old box her mother – who mysteriously vanished when Emma was a child – had left her decades before.


Thus begins Emma’s descent into a world of witchcraft and occult, a world where curses – malevolent parasitic entities – can plague people for centuries, and can only be stopped by traveling in time to the curse’s origin and eliminating it there. And so, Emma finds herself a time traveling hero, bitter enemy of curses.


Out of Time is a very imaginative fantasy novel. The characters and settings are diverse and interesting, and its premise is so unusual that it becomes a page turner – at any given moment, the reader doesn’t really know where the plot is going (always a good thing).


Additionally, although this is a time travel story, it is a fantasy novel as well. As such, the perspective is rather different from the ’standard’ time travel tale. In this case, time travel is mainly used as a tool that enables visiting various interesting historical settings.


In summary: a very fun fantasy novel, easy read if you’re looking for something light. I particularly liked the fact it is a modern fantasy tale, meaning, it depicts a complete fantasy universe superimposed on our model world (i.e. think Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere). Definitely recommended for fantasy lovers.


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