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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel is a film I accidentally stumbled upon. It is proof that you can do a fantastic movie with a tiny budget. The tag line says “Dr Who Meets Shaun of the Dead”. That’s a pretty good way of describing it.

FAQATT (for short) tells the story of three friends who go to a pub one night. At some point during the evening, when alone, one of the friends is approached by a woman who claims to be a time traveler from the future. To his disbelief she says he’s very famous in the future and she just wanted to meet him. He, of course, does not believe a word she says.

When he later shares this with his friends they don’t even believe he saw anyone. But then one of them goes to the restroom and when he returns it seems everyone in the pub has been violently murdered – including a bearded version of himself and his friends! Naturally, when he runs back to the restroom and out again, everything is back to normal and no one believes him.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say that this is the beginning of a crazy evening that involves almost every aspect of time travel. Traveling to the future, seeing yourself, the grandfather paradox, the butterfly effect, etc. There are also a lot of nods to other time travel movies (just look at the picture – clearly a nod to Back to the Future). It is also extremely funny, it did remind me a lot of Shaun of the Dead (another fantastic movie if you haven’t seen it). And the best part it – it all makes sense! Unlike other time travel movies – I’ll even generalize and say science fiction movies, everything connects at some point and is perfectly clear.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel is a hilarious, witty, intelligent, fun time travel movie that shows a good story trumps special effects any day of the week

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That’s it, I’m done with network television. I know that the threshold for cancellation has decreased in recent years, but in the past 2-3 years it just seems every single show that I find even mildly sophisticated gets canceled – just a matter of time. Whereas other shows – whose name I won’t mention so no one will get offended – that are insult to our intelligence, survive for many seasons.

Today I finally watched the finale of Dollhouse. An excellent show that was rushed in its second and last season, and truly was not given a fair chance. Joss Whedon (the creator of Dollhouse, Firefly and Buffy tried to cram so many superb ideas in the last season, each one of those could’ve been the basis of an entire season. He probably intended for that to be the case. No matter what Joss creates, I know it’s going to be worthy of watching. But alas, it doesn’t draw enough of an audience. [Sarcastic tone]

Even though Terminator: the series started as a pretty average (or worse) show, when it diverged from the Terminator mythology it became significantly better. At least they finished it properly, unlike many other shows.

I’m not even going to mention Heroes which was a superb show in its first season but just got worse and worse – I blame the networks for that.

Journeyman was a pretty decent show… canceled, of course.

When Flashforward was made into a series and was actually better than the book I was happy. Finally a show – even one that deals with a variation of time travel – is on the air! Naively I thought that this is it. But of course, it too was canceled. I guess it was just too hard for the studio executives to understand.

So I ask myself: why bother? Why get attached to a show and its characters? It’s starting to feel like I’m setting myself up for disappointment.

And the answer comes: I don’t think I’m going to. Flashforward was the final straw. That was a really good show. Enough is enough! Particularly when the threshold for cancellation is so much higher on cable. True Blood is a fantastic show. Dexter – despite not having any aspect of fantasy or science fiction – is probably the best show I’ve ever seen. Although many of Syfy’s shows are not the greatest (i.e. Warehouse 13, Eureka), they are fun and at least you know they’re going to last a while. The Stargate franchise: SG1, Atlantis and now Universe, are all excellent shows. The franchise lasted so far, what, 15 seasons? I highly doubt it would’ve survived if it were on the networks.

I’m not going to mention other shows. If you’re here, you probably know what I’m talking about.

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I just got this movie from a friend. I think it’s literally one of the funniest online movies I’ve ever seen – top 5. Of course, I’m biased because it involves two of my all time time travel franchises: Back to the Future and the Terminator … but I’ve already said to much. Take a look and tell me what you think. I think it’s pure genius. I also like some of the subtle touches (I’ve seen Back to the Future more than any other movie ever (~25 times) and remember every scene) – clearly the maker of the movie is a fan too.



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It’s been a while since I updated this website. Which is a shame, since is the first content-based website I made, and has more features than any other I made afterwards. Not to mention the fact I made it truly for fun. It’s my baby.

The problem, however, is that I didn’t grasp how much time and effort it would require. Since April I have been working on creating my own business. This has caused me to work insane hours, and I literally mean insane: I work 7 days a week, usually until 4am. Even though this is very hard, I’m not really complaining (as I mostly enjoy what I do). However, during these few months I read a single book (yes, it was a time travel book, thanks for asking ;) ). Probably a first since I was 6. This is really unacceptable. Even worse, I’m still not financially independent – even though I believe I am getting close.

In the back of my mind I kept waiting for some free time to write reviews, but writing reviews (a) is a very time and energy consuming action (that is, if I want them to be good, which I do) and (b) doesn’t really pay the bills – and at the moment I need every minute I can spare to do things that pay the bills. Every minute.

I have toyed with the idea of even paying someone to write the occasional article. But I can’t do this. It’s not the money – it’s the quality (which I doubt will be good unless I really spend a decent amount, which I can’t afford), and more importantly, this is my baby. I also toyed with the idea of having some sort of weekly raffles (i.e. I’d give away two books per week in exchange for filling some forms – this could result in a small but noticeable revenue that would make writing reviews worth my limited time), but this seemed like too much hassle, I wanted simple forms (the first I experimented with were a nightmare), and I just don’t have the time for this administrative headache.

In the meanwhile, there are just so many things I want to say. I’ve created a professional blog (one that deals with issues such as Search Engine Optimization) for business reasons. At times, I have barely contained myself to write the occasional general thought on sci-fi. But I can’t, there’s an aim to that blog, and breaking those rules could really hurt my goals.

So here’s where we stand: Ultimate Time Travel is here to stay. It’s a matter of time before I have the luxury of time to properly tend to it, but it will eventually happen. In the meanwhile, I’ve decided to use this platform to create a sci-fi based blog – one which is not limited to Time Travel. I have so much I want to say, and it’s my site, so – I’m breaking my own rules ;) The rest of the content will be time-travel based.

Unlike reviews, from some reason writing blog posts is nearly effortless for me. Yes, I do require time to properly format and organize them, but it’s not like writing full book or movie reviews (which require searching for facts I’ve forgotten, setting parameters for the website to index it properly based on author, ranking and classification, etc). I don’t know whether it’s obvious, but some individual reviews on this website took me several hours to write. So I am quite certain I will write more posts.

The good thing is that I believe that by writing this blog, not only I will have a creative outlet, but I also believe it’ll make the site better in the eyes of the search engines. Which may actually help financially (let’s just say that the banners you see on the website don’t really bring much revenue, and that’s an understatement). So it’s a win-win for everyone.

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