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Classification: Fantasy


In Out of Time, we were introduced to Emma Merrigan, a librarian and a witch, who travels in time in search of the origin of curses, parasitic evil entities that plague people for centuries. Once Emma finds the birthplace of a curse, she has the power to terminate it for good.


Behind Time continues where Out of Time stopped: Emma Merrigan’s mother, Eleanor, is trapped in the wasteland and as a result, her real body is in a coma. Emma, along with the mysterious rogue – Blaise Raponde, tries to further explore the wasteland and rescue her mother from the curses. What complicates the matters is that one of the rogues she encounters takes on a body in her close vicinity – the girlfriend of her good friend Matt. Sounds complicated? It definitely is.


I really liked the setting introduced in Out of Time and that is why I went back to this series. As before, the story is imaginative and exciting, and the writing is good. However, unlike the previous novel, this book is slow. The first two thirds of the book could’ve been compacted to 50 pages since almost nothing happens, and it just feels like an attempt of filling pages. The rest of the book is not bad, but feels way too rushed, and worse, leaves the reader with too many loose ends. Personally, this made me feel cheated considering the fact most of the book is so slow and uneventful.


In summary: Not bad. If you liked the previous book, you will like this one as well. However, it’s not as good – so don’t expect too much. Despite it being an okay book, I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed – I really expected more!


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